The department of ENT and Head & Neck Surgery at Maulana Azad Medical College is one of the best departments in the country for its quality patient care, teaching, training and research.  The department headed by Dr. P.K. Rathore, Director Professor and has nine faculty members and three specialists who provide OPD, operative and emergency care apart from their teaching and research obligations.

The department teaches two hundred and fifty undergraduate students every year.  Regular teaching classes are held for students and practical aspects are taught to them by postings in wards, OPD and operation theatres. The students are expected to work up the cases allotted to them, to discuss them with the faculty and residents, observe and assist in the surgeries and follow up the patients till discharge.

The importance is given to practical training of undergraduate as well as postgraduate students.  Eight postgraduate students are enrolled in department every year, making a total of 18 students from 2019 in 3 years.  During their three year stay in the department, the students learn the management of all cases General ENT, Cochlear Implant, oncology and endoscopy.