Name of Department Cardiology
S. No.Name of Officer DesignationContact No. Email ID
1.Dr. Sanjay Tyagi Director Professor 9718599101
2.Dr. V.K. Trehan Director Professor & Head9718599102
3.Dr. Saibal Mukhopadhyay  Professor9718599103
4.Dr. Jamal Yusuf  Professor
5.Dr. Vimal Mehta  Professor9718599105
6.Dr. Sumod Kurian  Professor9718599106
7.Dr. Girish M.P.  Professor
8.Dr. Mohit Dayal Gupta  Professor
9.Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi  Professor
10.Dr. Arima Nigam Assistant Professor
11.Dr. Sanjeev Kathuria Assistant Professor9718599133
12.Dr. Ankit Bansal Assistant Professor9718599110
13.Dr. Safal Assistant Professor 9718592497
14.Dr. Subrat Kumar Assistant Professor8384090173 -