Organisation Chart of the Department

S. No.Faculty Name & Qualification DesignationContact No. Email ID
1.  Dr. P.N. Aggarwal, MS Dir. Professor & HOD
2.  Dr. N.S. Hadke, MS Dir. Professor
3.  Dr. A.K. Sarda, MS Dir. Professor
4.  Dr. R.K. Jindal, MS, DIP(ANS) Dir. Professor
5.  Dr. Pawanindra Lal, MS Professor
6.  Dr. S.K. Jain, MS Professor
7.  Dr. C.B. Singh, MS Professor
8.  Dr. Rajdeep Singh, MS Professor
9.  Dr. Sushanto Neogi, MS Professor
10.  Dr. Pawan Lal, MS Professor
11.  Dr. Anubhav Vindal, MS Assoc. Prof.
12.  Dr. Deepak Ghuliani, MS Asst. Prof.
13.  Dr. Anurag Mishra, MS Asst. Prof.
14.  Dr. Lovekesh Kumar, MS Asst. Prof. ------------------------