Organisation Chart of the Department

S. No.Faculty Name & Qualification DesignationContact No. Email ID
1.  Dr. Anil Kumar Dhal, MS Dir. Prof. & HOD
2.  Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta, MS Dir. Prof.
3.  Dr. V. K. Gautam, MS Dir. Prof.
4.  Dr. Manoj Kumar, MS Dir. Prof.
5.  Dr. Vinod Kumar, MS Professor
6.  Dr. Sumit Sural, MS Professor
7.  Dr. Lalit Maini, MS Professor
8.  Dr. Atul Jain, MS Asst. Professor
9.  Dr. Vineet Dabas, MS Asst. Professor
10.  Dr. Dhananjaya Sabat, MS Asst. Professor
11.  Dr. Sumit Gupta, MS Asst. Professor 9899750676---------
12.  Dr. Jaswant Kumar, MS Asst. Professor 9953337227-----------
13.  Dr. Ved Pal Yadav, MS Asst. Professor 9999982231---------
14.  Dr. Sumit Arora, MS Asst. Professor 9868329389-----------