Organisation Chart of the Department

S. No.Faculty Name & Qualification DesignationContact No. Email ID
1.  Dr. Alpana Saxena, MD Dir. Professor & HOD
2.  Dr. S. Agarwal, MD
 Dir. Professor
3.  Dr. S. K. Gupta, MD
 Dir. Professor
4.  Dr. T. K. Mishra, MD
 Dir. Professor
5.  Dr. Alka Khaneja, MD Dir. Professor
6.  Dr. P.C. Ray, MD Dir. Professor
7.  Dr. Pramod Lali, MD
 Dir. Professor
8.  Dr. B. C. Koner, MD Professor
9.  Dr. Lal Chandra, MD Professor
10.  Dr. Smita Kaushik, MD Professor