Maulana Azad Medical College
Undergraduate Hostel Allotment rules 1977
Amendments: 1996, 2010, 2018 (Including hostel rules)
The following hostel rules are applicable for undergraduate students (including interns) of Maulana Azad Medical College and Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences. This amendment will come into effect from 1st Jan 2018.
I. Introduction
a) There are 3 hostels for undergraduate boys and 4 hostels for undergraduate girls.
(i) Boys Hostel 1 (Formerly intern's hostel)
(ii) Old Boys Hostel
(iii) Boys intern's Hostel (Formerly New Boys' Hostel)
(iv) Girls Hostel 1 (Formerly Warden Flat hostel)
(v) Old Girls Hostel
(vi) New Girls Hostel
(vii) Girl Interns Hostel (formerly PG women's hostel)

b) Boy students:
On admission to college, boys would be allotted rooms in Boys Hostel 1 (formerly intern's hostel). In the third semester, they will be shifted to Old Boys Hostel till completion of their Final MBBS exam. For internship they will shift to Boys Interns Hostel (formerly New Boys Hostel).

c) Girl students:
On admission to college, Girl students will be allotted rooms in Old Girls hostel and Girls Hostel 1. They will shift to New Girls Hostel for 8th & 9th semester. For internship they will shift to Girl Interns hostel (formerly PG women's hostel).

d) Period of allotment:
a. For MBBS students, room will be allotted till 3rd attempt at Final Professional exam or maximum of 6 years since admission to college.
b. For BDS students, room will be allotted till 3rd attempt at Final Professional exam or maximum of 5 1/2 years since admission to college.
c. Interns will be allotted room for 12 months from start of internship and under no circumstances extension will be given. They will not be entitled for accommodation during their repeat posting in any subject.

e) Since limited accommodation is available, a priority list of allotment will be drawn up vide IV (f) below. Students lower in the list will have to share rooms, or may not get a room at all.

f) Undergraduate Hostel residents have to be in the hostel by 11 pm everyday. Late entry will not be allowed, unless permitted by the warden in advance. Since interns are expected to be on night duty, there is no limitation on entry and exit in Intern hostels.

g) Students of 1st to 9th semesters are not allowed in Intern hostels.

h) Non-hostelers are not permitted to stay in hostel at any time unless granted permission by the warden. Non-compliance will attract disciplinary action.

i) Ragging in any form will not be tolerated. This would result in immediate expulsion from hostel.
II. Authority to allot hostel rooms
a) The student shall have to apply on the prescribed form for allotment of hostel room. The Warden has the authority to allot rooms based on the criteria given in Rule IV (infra). Any objection to the allotment list can be addressed to the Provost, Chairman of Wardens committee. Out of turn allotment and compassionate allotment (up to 5% of total rooms at any given time) shall be done by the Wardens committee.

b) The warden also has the authority to cancel the room allotment in case of false representation / misrepresentation of facts or misdemeanour by the student.
III.  Wardens committee
a) A committee of Wardens, consisting of wardens of all undergraduate hostels and headed by the Provost (Chairperson) has been constituted for issues related to the hostels, which include, but are not limited to, the following:
1) Discretionary allotment - not exceed 5% of rooms at any given time. The discretion will be on following grounds
i. Medical reason
ii. Late admission
iii. Home situation (students staying at home, but situation at home is not conducive to study such as jhuggi, etc)
iv. Any other situation the committee finds worthy of consideration.
Discretionary allotment is possible only if rooms are available. In case of non-availability, the student will have to re-apply whenever a notice for the next allotment is issued by the warden.
2) Disciplinary cases referred to it by the wardens
3) Eviction from the hostel room
4) Interpretation and change of hostel rules, if required.

b) The committee shall meet periodically as and when required. Warden should refer all cases related to the conditions mentioned above to the Provost so that he/ she can convene meeting of the committee.
IV.  Room allotment
a) On admission to first semester, the student will have to submit a duly completed form to the Warden, with proof of residence and category under which admission to college has been obtained. The students should enclose a mark sheet of Class X and XII with school leaving certificate, and those students who are residing in hostel during period of study in school have to enclose a hostel residing certificate from the competent authority.

b) Application for room allotment has to be submitted on admission to college and thereafter when shifting to a new hostel.

c) On admission to college, no applications will be accepted after 7 days of last date of admission as notified by Delhi University (currently 30th September). For subsequent allotments, application has to reach within 7 days of notice by warden (usually January and April).

d) Allotment of rooms to Delhi NCR students, who are fresh admission, will be done after all students have joined the college.

e) Valid documents for proof of residence will be:
1) Passport of student
2) Voter identity card of student
3) Driving Licence of student
4) Landline telelphone bill of parent (at least 3 months)
5) Electricity bill of parent (at least 3 months)

f) Priority of allotment will be as follows:
1) Foreign Nationals / Government of India nominees from outside Delhi
2) Students from outside Delhi, selected through All India quota
3) Other students from outside Delhi
4) Students whose parents have been transferred out of Delhi after NEET examination. Documentary proof to be submitted.
5) Delhi / NCR residents. Priority of allotment to such students shall be based on distance from college as determined by Google Maps; other factors such as availability of alternate modes of transport will also be considered.
6) Discretionary quota, including medical grounds - max 5% of total. (to be decided by Wardens committee - vide III)

g) The above priority is for applications received till last date of application. Late applicants will not be considered for hostel accommodation for the allotments made for fresh MBBS admission.

h) The same priority will be followed for BDS students. For each Batch, and within each category mentioned above (IV (f)), MBBS students will be given priority before BDS students.

i) For all applicants, priority within the categories given in IV (f) above will be the date of receipt of application in the hostel.

j) Boys Hostel 1:
All boy students will be allotted rooms in Boys hostel 1 on admission to college. All rooms are on sharing basis.

k) Old Boys Hostel:
1) Residents of Boys Hostel 1 will shift to Old Boys Hostel when rooms are available.
2) Priority as decided at time of admission will be followed in deciding allotment of rooms, including single rooms. Preference will be given to students who were allotted rooms earlier.
3) Any out of turn allotment will be decided by Warden's committee. Allotments done after last date are not entitled to a single seater room.

l) Boys Interns Hostel:
1) All male interns are eligible for accommodation
2) Priority as decided at the time of admission will be followed in deciding allotment of rooms, including single rooms. Preference will be given to students who are allotted rooms earlier.
3) Interns placed lower in priority list will have to share rooms (double seater).
4) No intern will reside in Boys Hostel 1 or Old Boys Hostel.
5) Room allotment will be done two times in a year - Jan & April for MBBS and Sept & Nov for BDS.

m) Girls hostel 1 (Warden flat hostel) and Old Girls Hostel:
New admissions to first semester will be accomodated in Girls hostel 1 and Old Girls hostel. All rooms will be on sharing basis. Depending on priority list, students may get single rooms in subsequent semesters. Allotments done after last date are not entitled to a single seater room.

n) New Girls Hostel:
8th semester girls will be shifting from Old Girls hostel to New Girls Hostel in the month of January each year. All are single seater rooms.

o) Girl Intern hostel:
All girl interns will be accommodated in Women (Interns) hostel. Shifting is mandatory in January / March of each year. Both single and double seater rooms are there, allotted depending on priority and date of shifting.

p) On allotment of new room in same or different hostel, the student has to shift within 7 days of allotment of room / hostel, failing which the student will pay fine as given below in Rule no. VIII.

Note: All hostel allottees will give a written undertaking at time of hostel allotment that they have read the hostel rules and will abide by it.
V. Shifting of room within same hostel
Shifting within same hostel may be done in the following situations:
a) The warden shifts the room due to some reason e.g. shifting from double room to a single room
b) If the student desires to change room, the reason for requesting a change has to be submitted in writing to the Warden. Generally rooms will not be changed in case of a minor correctable situation, such as electrical or civil repairs.
VI.  Hostel fees
a) The hostel fees for MBBS and BDS students (including interns) shall be as under. However, the hostel fees are under revision and may be increased in future.

Heading Amount (Rs)
a) One time Security deposit applicable for all hostels (refundable when leaving college) 5000/- (For all new allotment w.e.f. 1.1.2018)
b) Room rent- single seater 50/- per month (payable annually)
c) Room rent - double seater or more 30/- per month (payable annually)
d) Fine in case of late deposit of hostel fee (Within 7 days of allotment of room in 1st semester, and by 15th January in 4th, 6th and 8th semester. Within 7 days of allotment of room in internship) 50/- per day
e) Hostel welfare fund 500/- per month (payable annually)
f) Fine in case of use of AC 10,000/- and removal of AC
g) Fine in case of non vacation of room. 2000/- per day from 8th day for 15 days, then eviction / cancellation
h) Fine in case of non vacation of room consequent upon eviction from hostel. Also on shifting from one room to other and one hostel to other after Warden's order. 2000/- per day till date of vacation of room
i) Fine in case of other misdemeanours / violation of rules 5000/-
j) Mess fees (to be paid directly to mess contractor) As applicable
Note: The Dean may, at his discretion, waive or subsidize the hostel charges of any hostel resident

b) The fees is payable in Syndicate Bank, MAMC branch, directly by the student, and the counterfoil submitted to caretaker of the hostel. Usually the fees for 1st to 3rd semester are deposited together, and then in January of each year. The student is advised to retain copy of counterfoils till completion of internship, since clearance will not be given until all hostel dues have been paid.
VII. Facilities in the hostels
a) Available
1. Each room has a ceiling fan, tubelight and electrical point. The electrical supply is not designed for heavy loads, and any excess load may cause fires.
2. A wooden bed, study table, chair and almirah are provided.
3. Common bathroom / toilet is available on each floor.
4. Laundry facilities (dhobi) are available in the Old Boys hostel, Boys Interns hostel, Old Girls Hostel and Girl intern hostel.
5. Mess facilities are available in the Boys Hostel 1, Old Boys Hostel and Old Girls Hostel. Canteen facilities are available in Old Girl Hostel, Old Boys Hostel and Boys Intern Hostel.

b) Not permitted
1. Use of AC / Heater.
2. Use or possession or storage of narcotic substances. In such case, the police will be notified for appropriate action.
3. Use, possession or storage of alcoholic beverage.
4. Combustible material such as firecrackers or explosives.
5. Cooking of any kind
6. Tampering / misuse of electrical installation
7. No gathering or meeting for political purposes
8. Subletting of room. In case any other person is found staying in the room without permission, the room allotment will be cancelled.
9. Entry of  undesirable persons in the hostel.
Any student found indulging in the aforesaid non-permitted activities will have his room allotment cancelled, and will have to vacate within 7 days. Furthermore, the student will be debarred from further hostel allotment for duration of course, including internship.

c) Precautions
The hostel residents are advised not to keep cash / valuable items in the rooms. Security of their items is their own responsibility. They should lock the room even if they leave room for a short time. Car parking is not available in the hostels.
VIII.  Vacation of rooms
Rooms have to be vacated within 7 days of notification / cancellation / completion of tenure. In case of not vacating in time, a fine of Rs 2000/- per day will be charged from 8th day for 15 days. In case the room is still not vacated, the room lock will be broken and room vacated in presence of DDA / AO, Warden and Security Officer. The procedure of eviction will be to break the lock in presence of above mentioned officers, prepare inventory of items in room under their signature, shift items to store and allow further allotment. As and when student come for claiming items, the items should be handed over after getting receipt by caretaker.
IX. Apellate authority
a) The warden/ college can cancel allotment of any student, with the approval of Dean, at any time in the interest of hostel or institute. In case of violation of rules, action will be initiated by the warden. Appeal can be made to the Provost or Dean.

b) In case of any complaint regarding room allotment or facilities, the student should first approach the warden. In case of dissatisfaction, he / she can approach the Provost for redressal of complaint, who may, if he deems necessary, put it for consideration by Wardens committee. In case the student is still not satisfied, he/ she may apply to the Dean for redressal of complaint, whose decision shall be final.