Charges for undergraduates: (extract from UG Hostel rules 2018)

VI.  Hostel fees
a) The hostel fees for MBBS and BDS students (including interns) shall be as under. However, the hostel fees are under revision and may be increased in future.

Heading Amount (Rs)
a) One time Security deposit applicable for all hostels (refundable when leaving college) 5000/- (For all new allotment w.e.f. 1.1.2018)
b) Room rent- single seater 50/- per month (payable annually)
c) Room rent - double seater or more 30/- per month (payable annually)
d) Fine in case of late deposit of hostel fee (Within 7 days of allotment of room in 1st semester, and by 15th January in 4th, 6th and 8th semester. Within 7 days of allotment of room in internship) 50/- per day
e) Hostel welfare fund 500/- per month (payable annually)
f) Fine in case of use of AC 10,000/- and removal of AC
g) Fine in case of non vacation of room. 2000/- per day from 8th day for 15 days, then eviction / cancellation
h) Fine in case of non vacation of room consequent upon eviction from hostel. Also on shifting from one room to other and one hostel to other after Warden's order. 2000/- per day till date of vacation of room
i) Fine in case of other misdemeanours / violation of rules 5000/-
j) Mess fees (to be paid directly to mess contractor) As applicable
Note: The Dean may, at his discretion, waive or subsidize the hostel charges of any hostel resident

b) The fees is payable in Syndicate Bank, MAMC branch, directly by the student, and the counterfoil submitted to caretaker of the hostel. Usually the fees for 1st to 3rd semester are deposited together, and then in January of each year. The student is advised to retain copy of counterfoils till completion of internship, since clearance will not be given until all hostel dues have been paid.

Charges For Postgraduates
Hostel facilities are provided to all post graduates and post doctoral students. The cost for this facility is deducted from their respective salaries.

Updated on: 01 Jan 2018